8 High Paying Jobs for Biochemistry Majors

In the United States of America, we have so many high paying jobs for biochemistry majors.

With a bachelor of biochemistry, one can easily seek employment in various science fields among them forensic crime research, pharmaceutical firms, microbiologist, and chemical engineer.

Currently, we have more than 31,500 biochemists in the US and this figure is expected to shoot by 11% in 2026.

For any person who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and does not know where to start, I will be highlighting some of the best high paying biochemistry jobs which can help kick start your career journey.

But before we jump to the main topic, let’s first see what biochemists do.

Come up with fresh thoughts and also conducting various tests to have a clear understanding of how life works.

  • Share inventive information surrounding the technology revolution.
  • Work alongside professionals such as chemists, engineers, physicists, healthcare professionals, and many more.

Salary is one area that cannot be evaded and in this section, I will be highlighting how much money biochemists in the USA pocket both year and per hour.

  • Biochemists on mid-level pockets $41.89 per hour and $87,123 per year.
  • Biochemists on junior-level pockets $30.16 per hour and $62,729 per year.
  • Biochemists on entry-level pockets $22.44 per hour and $46,673 per year.

8 The High Paying States for Biochemistry Jobs

In this section, I will be sharing some of the highest paying states for biochemistry jobs in the United States according to careerexplorer.com.

  • Massachusetts – $101,550
  • Connecticut – $105,560
  • Indiana – $103,159
  • New Hampshire – $105,370
  • New Jersey – $129,670

High Paying Jobs for Biochemistry Majors

1. Science Journalist

If science is your cup of tea and you have been desiring to contribute to either a newspaper or magazine, a biochemistry major can help set the pace of becoming a science writer.

With this, one can turn their passion for writing into money. Though a bachelor’s degree is not mandatory for one to be a writer, with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, you will be able to acquire immense knowledge that will be of great help to you.

The average salary of a science journalist is $39,370, which is not bad for a starter.

2. Biochemical Engineer

This profession is one of the high paying jobs for biochemistry majors in the United States with a potential income of up to $150,000 yearly.

Biochemical engineers use the biology, engineering, and chemistry that they learned in school to come up with products straight from raw materials.

They also bear the responsibility of providing answers to challenges that may pop up when materials and processes come into contact with the environment.

In the United States, biochemical engineers pocket an average salary of $99,050 yearly while those who are still on the entry-level go home with $50,000 to $60,000 a year.

Highest paid biochemical engineers go home with a whopping $158,800 a year.

3. Physician Associate

This career has been considered by many as one of the high paying biochemistry jobs because of the lucrative salary that it comes with.

Physician associates are health workers who have undergone serious training and are mandated with supplying vital support to doctors.

They are answerable to physicians and their work entails assessing patients, diagnosing them, management and also taking good care of them.

Physician associates also form part of the medical team and discharge duties in hospitals or general practitioner surgeries.

Keep it at the back of your mind that the roles of physician associate and physician assistant are the opposite of each other.

In the United States, a physician associate in a year goes home with an average salary of $121,377.

4. Toxicologist

Experts in this occupation who have specialized in toxic materials and chemicals make good use of their skills to establish whether or not natural substances, chemicals, materials, newly manufactured drugs, and radiation are harmful or not and the magnitude that they have when it comes to the health of human beings, animals, and environment.

Toxicologists can be stationed in a chemical company, water, or even pharmaceutical to try and establish how safe their products are.

They can also seek employment in government regulatory bodies such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What makes toxicologist one of the high paying jobs for biochemistry majors is the salary, $86,480 a year. Highest paid medical experts in this career field pocket more than $131,000 a year.

5. Analytical Chemist

The work of an analytical chemist is to probe the chemical composition of various substances, in a bid to try and establish how they react when put in a different setting from the one that they are used to.

Analytical chemists have roles that do vary and this can be influenced by the work setting.

The ones stationed in the pharmaceutical industry take part in the whole process of drug development.

Analytical chemists also analyze how the physical and chemical properties of various drug substances behave and their methodology to ascertain their quality and firmness.

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Besides taking place in the development process and formulation of drugs, an analytical chemist gets involved in vital roles in additional areas such as forensic analysis, toxicology analysis, and many more.

PayScale in their website shows that an analytical chemist earns an average income of $56,000 with the highest-paid employee going home at least $87,000 a year while others $120,000.

However, according to Zippia, an analytical chemist on an entry-level receives an average income of $45,000.

6. College Professor

If you’ve been having the zeal of wanting to become a biochemistry college professor, then this is meant for you.

This particular profession gives one the opportunity of inspiring young people who want to work in different fields of biochemistry.

In the United States, being a biochemist college professor is one of the high paying jobs for biochemistry majors.

$70,427 is the average salary of a college professor a year with the highest-paid being paid not less than $178,000 a year.

7. Pharmacologist

Pharmacologist is one of those high paying jobs for biochemistry majors in the United States that has been in high demand for the past few years.

The work of a pharmacologist is to find out what happens when drugs mix with biological systems and also unravel the reaction certain medicines will have on patients when consumed.

By the way, professionals in this field have the free will to decide on whether or not they will primarily put their efforts into either human or animal drugs.

A pharmacologist in the United States will go home with an average salary of $97,993 a year with the highest-paid being paid not less than $132,000 a year.

8. Life Science Research Scientist

Another high paying biochemistry job in the United States is the life science research scientist. A section of experts in this field at times prefers to carry out research either solo or in a group.

The reason behind this is so that they can either come up with fresh products or intensify viable applications.

Life science research scientists can be stationed in private or government-owned labs, medical facilities, or higher education institutions.

Professionals who are looking forward to concentrating in a single area in this field can try out physiology, microbiology, bioinformatics, stem cell research, genomics, plant sciences, and many more.

Life science research scientists go home with an average salary of $92,221 a year with the top earner pocketing not less than $155,000.

FAQS on High Paying Jobs for Biochemistry Majors

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get with a Biochemistry Degree?

Below is a list of jobs one can get if he or she has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

  • Science journalist
  • Biochemical engineer
  • Physician associate
  • Toxicologist
  • Analytical chemist
  • College professor
  • Pharmacologist
  • Life science research scientist

Do Biochemists Make Good Money?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019 released a report showing that biochemists pocket $45.43 per hour and $94,490 per year.

One-tenth percent of biochemists working in the United States get paid handsomely with the highest one pocketing $182,170 while the lower one $50,620.

However, this narrows down to the kind of job one does, state that he or she lives in, and lastly your title.

Are Biochemists in Demand?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of those biochemists is set to increase by 4% by 2029.

This will drive the demand for biochemists who are into biomedical research to shoot.


The writer of this article has highlighted the best 8 high paying jobs for biochemistry majors. While hunting for a job, it is very vital to note that experience is key, moresaw for those of us who are newcomers in the world of employment.

With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, one can pocket something decent though you can always go back to school and upgrade your academic papers.

This way, you will work for fewer hours and still earn something tantalizing.

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