8 High Paying Jobs for Car Enthusiasts

There is nothing sweet in this world like making a living from your passion or what you love doing most.

I know as a car lover, this is something that you have all along been desiring.

Whether you want to become a car graffiti artist, sell cars or even become an automotive mechanic, the workforce presents a lot of opportunities for one to make a living from their love for cars.

Having a vast knowledge as a car enthusiast on which career best suits you can play a very critical role when it comes to hunting for a job, and also it presents one with an array of options to choose from.

A majority of these jobs pay well and in this article, I will be highlighting high paying jobs for car enthusiasts that one can choose based on his or her ability.

8 High Paying Jobs for Car Enthusiasts

1. Taxi Driver

The work of a taxi driver is to ferry people from one destination to another. Thanks to technology, taxi drivers can now use taxi booking apps which have a lot of work and the pay is good, moresaw if one gets a corporate ride.

Depending on one’s aggressiveness, a person can make an average salary of at least $26,595 yearly.

This is an industry that has created a lot of employment, especially during this era of covid-19 which saw a lot of companies firing their employees.

2. Car Wash Attendant

As the name suggests, your work as cash was attendant will be to clean cars brought to the auto wash by clients.

The cleaning is normally done both on the inside and outside.

This can be a good start for car enthusiasts who have finished campus or even high school and want to keep themselves busy.

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The average salary a car wash attendant can make yearly according to indeed is $26,616.

3. Automotive Detailer

This is one of the highest paying jobs for car enthusiasts in the United States. The role of an automotive detailer is to make sure that a client’s car is in its best image.

This means that it should not have a dent or scratch.

Automotive detailers are also tasked with performing a thorough inspection on cars brought to them and pen down a report detailing their condition.

Minus the above, an automotive detailer clean vehicles, vacuum, and also perform buffing just to mention but a few.

Automotive detailers in the United States pocket an average salary of $31,840 yearly.

4. Apprentice Automotive Technician

Another high paying job for car enthusiasts in the United States is apprentice automotive technician.

They are tasked with repairing and inspecting vehicles while being supervised by mechanics on duty. Not only do they help service vehicles, but they also provide customers with car advice.

A majority of them are found in auto repair shops and auto parts shops.

Yearly, automotive technicians pocket an average salary of $35,135.

5. Driving Instructor

The work of a driving instructor is to teach their students how to operate a car. A huge fraction of these students are normally amateurs and so it’s always advisable for an instructor to exhibit patience when dealing with them.

Driving instructors need to ensure that the driving skills of a student are not the same when he or she walked into the class and is fully prepared so that they can attain good points to be able to acquire a driving license.

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Also, you need to make sure that your students are familiar with the road signs and rules. These are some of the things that will be tested on the final exam.

As a driving instructor, you need to have a certification and not forgetting a license.

According to zippia, driving instructors in the United States pocket an average of $23.76 per hour and $49,430 yearly.

However, these two figures can be increased through a side hustle.

6. Vehicle Technician

Vehicle technicians are tasked with performing inspections and repairing faulty cars. They are not limited when it comes to the different types of vehicles they can repair or inspect.

Car enthusiasts in this career field pocket an average income of $47,590 yearly.

I would highly recommend any car enthusiast who has been tarmacking looking for a high paying job to give this a try.

7. Truck Driver

Another high paying job for car enthusiasts is being a truck driver. Their work is to ferry or transport goods from one location to another.

This job requires passion because sometimes one be forced to work past wee hours or be away from their family for a long time.

For one to become a certified truck driver, he or she needs to have at least a high school diploma and also enroll in a professional truck driving school.

As a truck driver, you are also required to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual income of a truck driver in the United States is $24.48 per hour and $50,909 yearly.

8. Automobile Journalism

This particular job will best suit journalists who are car fanatics. As an automobile journalist, this career field will grant you the opportunity to test and review new cars that have been released into the market.

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It will also enable you to gain immense knowledge about cars. All it requires is passion and your writing skills should be top-notch, moresaw if you are writing for a publication.

The reason why it has been termed as one of the high paying jobs for car enthusiasts is the lucrative salary that it comes with.

According to ZipRecruiter, an automobile journalist in the United States pockets $21.17 hourly and $44,039 a year.

FAQs on High Paying Jobs for Car Enthusiasts

What are the Best High Paying Jobs for Car Enthusiasts?

Taxi driver ($26,595 yearly), Car wash attendant ($26,616 yearly), Automotive detailer ($31,840 yearly), Apprentice automotive technician ($35,135 yearly), Driving instructor ($49,430 yearly), Vehicle technician ($47,590 yearly), Truck driver ($50,909 yearly), Automobile journalism ($44,039 yearly),

How Much Do Car Enthusiasts Make?

The highest amount of income a car enthusiast can make in the United States is $74,784 yearly and the lowest is $36,816. However, this will be determined by so many things among them education credentials and also aggressiveness, moresaw for self-employed individuals.


As a car enthusiast, there are plenty of high paying jobs that you can apply for. This will also depend on your education credentials because some of them may demand one to have either a degree or a diploma. As time goes by, their demand increases, with a certain fraction of people realizing they can make a decent living from them.

The most surprising bit is that half of these jobs paying very well. My ultimate advice would be to follow your heart.

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