6 Best High Paying Jobs for Travel Lovers

Are you among this group of people who love traveling the world but are tied up because of the nature of their work?

Perhaps you’ve been longing to visit Europe, China, Korea, South Africa, Brazil, or even Canada?

Some jobs will permit you to visit these places at the expense of your employer.

Also, the most encouraging bit is that some of these jobs pay over $100,000 yearly.

In this article, the writer will be highlighting high paying jobs for travel lovers and how much they pay both per hour and yearly.

High Paying Jobs for Travel Lovers

1. Airline Pilots

The work of an airline pilot is to transport passengers using either a privately owned or commercial flight from one destination to another.

They also make sure that the weather condition is favorable and airplanes don’t have any technical hitches and are safe for takeoff.

The work of airline pilots varies depending on the schedule.

For one to become an airline pilot, he or she needs to first kick start their career as a commercial or flight instructor.

A high school diploma and commercial pilot license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is mandatory for a commercial pilot while for an airline pilot, all that is required is a bachelor’s degree.

An FAA-issued Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is also mandatory.

The median annual income of an airline pilot in the United States is $130,440 yearly.

2. Journalist

If you are looking for a high paying job for travel lovers, then being a journalist will best suit you.

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The work of a journalist is to collect and disseminate newsworthy information to the public. A majority of them moresaw those who are in mainstream media, work for reputable newspapers, radios, and TV stations.

This particular industry will allow you to travel worldwide to cover conferences, expo, or even terror attacks in neighboring countries.

The education level needed for one to be employed as a journalist by a reputable media house in the United States is at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for a journalist is $23.70 per hour and $49,300 yearly.

3. Musician

Being a musician in the United States is one of the high paying jobs for travel lovers.

The good thing about being a musician is that it does not need any educational credentials.

This particular career will allow you to travel all over the world, moresaw if you are planning to do a worldwide music tour.

Passion and talent are all that are required for one to become successful in the music industry.

The working environment of a majority of musicians and singers in concert halls, clubs, arenas, and parks.

The average median annual income for musicians in the United States is $31.40 per hour.

4. Flight Attendant

Another high paying job for travel lovers is flight attendant.

They are tasked with ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on board at all times.

Just like the above jobs, this one too will give you the chance to travel all over the world. However, the work schedule can be a bit demanding since planes operate from Monday to Monday.

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A high school diploma or equivalent is needed for anyone who wants to venture into this career field.

Also, you need to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The median annual income for a flight attendant in the United States is $59,050 yearly.

5. Hotel Manager

The work of a hotel manager is to make sure that operations are running smoothly without any hiccups.

They also ensure that clients enjoy their stay at their hotels.

Since a majority of hotels operate 24/7, most of these hotel managers work full-time.

This career field is not for the faint-hearted because it comes with its own pressure.

For one to become a hotel manager, a high school diploma or equivalent is all that is needed.

However, my advice would be to upgrade your education credentials for better pay.

According to salary.com, the median annual income of a hotel manager in the United States is $105,000 yearly.

6. Travel Vlogging

Have you ever desired to make money while traveling? I know this is something that many of us have been longing for.

However, the hard work that comes with it is not something that can be underestimated. For one to break even as a travel vlogger, it can take up to five years depending on your aggressiveness.

No education credentials are needed for one to venture into this career field.

A lot of travel vloggers make money from affiliate programs, advertising, and selling projects just to mention but a few.

But first, to attain all these, you will need an audience which will take a few months or years.

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The median annual income of a travel vlogger ranges from $500 to $20,000 monthly.


In this article, the author has highlighted 6 high paying jobs for travel lovers. As you can see, one can end up pocketing more than $100,000 yearly.

A lot of these career fields also require passion and talent, especially number 2,3, and 6.

My go-to advice will be to follow your passion and also immerse a lot of hard work and consistency which is the key to breaking even.

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