7 Best highest Paying Welding Jobs in 2022

Welding is one of those jobs in the United States that has been highly underrated. The truth of the matter is that a majority of people in this profession pocket more than $100,000 yearly depending on one’s experience and skills.

For beginners, the pay that comes with this career is decent enough to grant one a decent lifestyle. According to Zippia, an average welder in the U.S. makes $33,921 yearly.

As a profession in this field, one can choose to either work for a company that will be paying him or her less amount per hour but there’s job security.

Alternatively, you can become an independent contractor. This simply means that companies will be hiring you on a contract basis for specific projects. The good thing with this is that you’ll be pocketing something good every hour.

But the most unfortunate bit is that sometimes there’s no guarantee of work, unlike someone who is employed.

According to data obtained from Waterwelders and Indeed, there are a few best highest paying welding jobs in the United States graduates can put into consideration.

7 Best Highest Paying Welding Jobs in 2022

In this article, the author will be highlighting some of the jobs a welder who is a graduate can apply for. According to Indeed, some of these jobs can you up to $24.50 per hour.

1. Rig Welder

Rig welding is among one of the best highest paying welding jobs in the United States.

Professions in this career can secure employment on offshore drilling rigs which are mostly situated in secluded areas. Their skills can also allow them to secure permanent contracts with oil refinery companies, energy companies, marinas, and manufacturing plants.

Rig welders are tasked with welding metals on oil rigs through the use of specialized equipment. They are the ones who also manufacture pipes, bond metals that are used to construct beams, and vessels.

On the side, they also ensure that the welding equipment has been properly used, maintained, and stored well.

For one to become a rig welder, he or she needs to acquire a welding apprenticeship which can take a maximum of up to 4 years. Upon the completion of your apprenticeship, you can go for an entry-level position as you continue to upgrade your studies.

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According to ZipRecruiter, a rig welder earns an annual salary of $96,404 yearly which means per hour it’s $46.35. This will be determined by the city or state one is also coming from.

2. Underwater Welder

Though this is one of the high paying welding jobs, you also need to know that professions in this career field encounter a lot of danger.

The rate at which underwater welders succumbed while in the line of duty is high. Before choosing to venture into this profession, my advice would be for you to count the cost.

The risk that it comes with is one of those many reasons why the pay is mouthwatering.

The work of underwater welders is to build or repair damaged oil rigs and retrieve shipwrecks. Some of them can also be found in subsea construction.

To become a fully certified underwater welder, all that is required is for you to become a certified commercial driver, have basics of underwater welding, and lastly, a wet welding D3.6M certification and this can be attained at the American Welding Society.

According to Comparably, an underwater welder in the United States can pocket an annual salary of $10,237 to $203,999 yearly depending on the education credentials and also the level of skill.

3. Nuclear Welder

Nuclear welder is another highest paying welding job in the United States. Persons in this occupation are tasked with welding pipes and equipment as a substitute with nuclear components, though they may not be there when discharging your duties.

Other than this, nuclear welders also service nuclear equipment, test different connections in an entire facility or plant, and fix components that have been vandalized or damaged.

Most of the professions in this career are stationed in power plants and shipyards where you work on nuclear-powered naval vessels. At times, this job will require one to weld underwater.

For one to be employed as a nuclear welder, he or she will require a welding certification and security clearance from the relevant authorities.

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According to Salary, one can earn up to $76,590 yearly depending on their level of skills and also education papers.

Video courtesy of CareerWatch

4. Welding Inspector

A welding inspector is someone who has been tasked with the role of keeping an eye on everything that the welding staff is doing and making sure that everything is functioning well.

He or she also needs to see to it that that the workers work within the stipulated time.

Welding inspectors are also in charge of delegating tasks to the members of the staff so that they can operate as a team and meet deadlines.

It is the job responsibility of a welding inspector to inspect welding machines to make sure that they are functioning well and are not faulty.

To become a professional in this career, you need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and HNC, NVQ, CSWIP, HND, or AWS certification. Work experience in this field will also be an added advantage.

According to Glassdoor, a certified welding inspector can earn an average salary of $111,000 yearly. This figure makes it one of the highest paying welding jobs in the United States.

5. Pipe Welder

The work of a pipe welder is to repair damaged pipes and assemble piping systems through the use of welding tools and equipment.

Most of their work is normally done outdoors, this simply means that they work in harsh weather conditions. Any graduate who is looking forward to working in this profession should brace himself or herself for this.

All that is required for one to become a fully certified pipe welder in the United States is either a GED or a high school diploma and 3-5 years of an apprenticeship program.

It is also advisable for one to acquire certification from the American Welding Society.

According to Comparably, the mean annual income of a pipe welder ranges from $30,654 to $79,385 depending on the skills and experience.

6. Combo Welder

Another high paying job for graduates in the United States for graduates is combo welding.

The work of a combo welder is to make, repair and maintain different metal parts among them pipes using specialized equipment.

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They are stationed in construction sites where they give a lending hand by welding beams and other structural elements.

Below are the job duties of a combo welder:

  • Constructing welding materials.
  • Creating exact measurements.
  • Analyzing specifications and blueprints.
  • Inspecting different welding components.

An average combo welder in the United States earns a median salary of $58,500 yearly while an experienced one $127,725.

7. Aerospace Welder

Did you know that for one to become an aerospace welder all that is required of him or she is high school education and certification from the American Welding Society?

Professions in this career weld aircraft and spacecraft and they work in the following areas:

Prototype fabrication – coming up with prototypes of the latest aircraft. They assemble tiny parts into one through welding.

Repair – They repair the damaged body of an aircraft by fixing tiny holes and cracks.

Overhaul – Their work is to replace the worn-out parts of an aircraft with brand new ones.

For those of us who have been longing to become aerospace welders, all that is required is at least a high school diploma and a GED.

However, a majority of employers in the United States prefer an associate’s degree in welding and fabrication. This must be accompanied by a certification from the American Welding Association and also a license from the local licensing agency in the state that you live in.

The average salary of an aerospace welder in the United States is $44,260 yearly and this can shoot up to $60,000 depending on your skills and also education credentials.

Conclusion on the Best Highest Paying Welding Jobs

In this article, we have highlighted the 7 best highest paying welding jobs in the United States. Some of these jobs pay up to $200,000 yearly depending on one’s skills and education credentials.

Also, you need to bear in mind that some of these jobs come with certain risks which if you are willing to accept them, then your bank account will also grow fat.

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